Here are a few of my favorite projects....

"Boom! ...awesome."
–James Rogers, Apeel Sciences
"...better than the Board of Directors expected."
–Susan Brasil, City of Pismo Beach
"I'm rarely so impressed..."
– Rick West, RPC
"Your team did great work."
–Howard Smith, Yahoo! Corporate
"As always, thanks for being ahead of schedule."
–Judy Ward, Avaya Communications
"You've exceeded our expectations again."
–Dan Adams, HP LaserJet
"We love it!"
–Stacy Boles, Alaska New Media
"Great work, as always. "
–Pamela Rasmussen, Apple

Marketing Science.


Strategy starts with homework!

  • Market & technology trends
  • Audience segmentation
  • Surveys and user testing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Industry influencers and partners
  • Business modeling



A good specification = specified results.

  • Brand and story
  • Creative concepts
  • Presentations
  • Development specs
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Technical & support content
  • Press releases, media/IR kit
  • UX design & production
  • Digital footprint architecture
  • Web, image and video assets


Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

  • Press and PR
  • Word-of-mouth social channels
  • Product placement
  • Direct-response ads
  • Presentations and shows
  • Unique campaigns
  • Success measurement
  • MER optimization



As an agency director and marketing team leader for most of the past 20 years, I've worked with large and small companies to develop new products, brands and market strategies. My first agency, Web Associates, was acquired and is now part of Publicis Groupe.


  • Technology and scientific products
  • B2B, B2B2C services
  • Packaged consumer products
  • Food & agricultre
  • SaaS and cybersecurity


  • Team and process building
  • Market research and strategy development
  • Digital footprint architecture
  • User experience design and prototyping
  • Website/SaaS app development
  • Advertising, PR & press
  • Presentations and video productions


  • CMO/Marketing Director
  • Agency Director
  • Creative Director
  • Producer, Video/Multimedia
  • Project Director/PM
  • Principal Investigator